Come and enjoy a nice glass of wine, delicious food, a perfect beer, cabaret, art cinema nights and music in a lovely ambiance. You’re in for a surprise...

The Oude Rechtbank is a new place in Eindhoven full of entertainment, culture and horeca. It is in our philosophy to integrate national and international people. Different cultures, different traditions and languages under the same roof talking and meeting each other. We offer expats and internationals a meeting point to interact with other people, to drink and eat with friends in a nice atmosphere, to share the international library with books from all over the world and enjoy events. Talking in their own language. Becoming part of Dutch society. Learning Dutch culture without forgetting their own.

We develop events designed specifically for them but we invite everyone to come to other cultures, to discover different customs, different styles of dance and music, typical food of each country and other traditions. The Oude Rechtbank is open for everyone!

Eindhoven and surrounding area is simply brimming with talent. The Old Courthouse is therefore THE venue for everyone to show his/her talents.

On the monumental first and second floor you will find the Registry Offices. A pleasant retreat for innovative entrepreneurs in Eindhoven.

Prior to the courthouse there used to be an inn here, called The Star. Throughout the entire courthouse architectural references can be found to its construction process. Until 1877, justice was administered from this location and people were held captive in the temporary prison in the courtyard.

Ever since, the building’s fate has changed left, right and centre, by all accounts. It served for example as the head office of the tax authorities, whereas in the sixties the building was broken into by anarchist artist squatters who couldn’t stomach the fact they had been refused by the Van Abbe Museum.

Small impression of the interior before renovation work started.

Stratumseind and The Old Courthouse at the time of the liberation in 1945.

‘The Oude Rechtbank challenges and connects’.

OPENINGSTIJDEN keuken brasserie Oude Rechtbank (voormalig 'de Rechter')
Dinsdag t/m Vrijdag :12:00 - 22.00 uur
Zaterdag :15.00 - 22.00 uur
Zondag :15.00 21.00 uur ( aangepaste kaart)
Maandag keuken gesloten

U kunt reserveren per mail via of telefonisch via nummer 040 - 7200934.

Offertes voor groepen vanaf 8 personen of meer worden op maat gemaakt.

De Oude Rechtbank is op maandag na geopend vanaf 11.00 ' s ochtends en in het weekend vanaf 13.00 uur.

In cocktail bar mijn Advocaat you will be treated to high-quality drinks all night and lovely music that still enables you to engage in conversation and discussions. All night long our kitchen staff will serve little appetizers. When you’re having a good time with your friends, there is no need to leave My Lawyer to satisfy your appetite.

During weekends, Mijn Advocaat gives you direct access to the Courtroom where cocktails merge into a musical ambiance (live and/or DJs) with ample opportunity for dancing or enjoying theatre performances. Music ranges from the sixties to the present.

In Brasserie de Rechter the cuisine is French with an international touch. » Take a look at our menu

Kees Hummel Fotografie

Our cultural programming will be quite varied. Anything from music concerts to comedy festivals, from debating sessions to political gatherings, from business conferences for SMEs and self-employed persons to innovative initiatives.

The area of Stratumseind and Kerkstraat should transform into a cosy and safe environment, catering for a much wider public than it currently does with its lively party characteristics.

Partying will of course always be part of the fun. But in future embedded in a much more balanced and better organized overall package.

The Nights Every week from Wed till Sat from 5 PM.

On this date, La Fête 040 will take you to the nightlife in New York. For this occasion they will turn Oude Rechtbank into a cosmopolitan city.

The night will start at 7 PM with a Dancing Dinner where a spectacular live act will take you to the ‘moment suprême’. At midnight, we will offer a toast and you can enjoy the live ‘Balldrop’ of Times Square. After midnight, you can dance to soulful tunes, Nu Disco and House. For those who rather enjoy a deeper sound, there are other areas. Deep Tech-house and Techno are the two main focuses; you can even enjoy the view that you normally only have in the ‘Big Apple’.

Be sure to buy your tickets on time! » Order your tickets here

Brasserie de Rechter Have a lunch, dinner or just a tasty beverage
Ballen & Bieren in het Tuchthuis
Ensuite: Deep Till Dawn December 31th | 20:00
Dancing Moszkowicz December 26th | 22:00 pm
Estelle's Choice Oude Rechtbank & Tuchthuis
Chateau Techno December 13th | 22:00

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tel.: 040 7200934


Oude Rechtbank
Stratumseind 32
5611 ET Eindhoven
tel. 040 7200934

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